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1. Select your child's quality no longer used kids clothing, accessories and shoes and pack into a box

2. We prepay and send you a shipping waybill to attach to the box

3. Take to one of over a thousand drop off points around the country


We take it from there. We store, professionally photograph, list on our site, market and advertise, take payment, deliver to buyers, handle returns and refunds, and resolve all customer queries. We pay you on a monthly basis as your items sell. On average our sellers earn R1,500 per box of excellent quality clothes. See how much you can earn today! 

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Acceptance Criteria
Quality of clothing at Once More is very important and we only accept items that are clean, do not have stains, excessive wear (faded or pilled), holes or tears, and which are odour (which includes mothballs) and pet hair-free. All fasteners (zips, snaps, buttons, ties) must be present and in working order. Clothing items must be freshly washed before sending to Once More. 

Any items not in line with this acceptance criteria will be rejected for sale on our website and can be sold via our Entrepreneurial Network at a significantly reduced price, returned to you at a cost of R75 per box or donated to a charity of our choice at no cost. You are also welcome to collect, but due to storage constraints at our premises please do so within 30 days.

What is the Entrepreneurial Network?
Once More has teamed up with Mhani Gingi, non-profit organisation and social entrepreneurial network, to empower women in townships across Cape Town. We have developed relationships with these special women and your items which are not saleable on the website can be transformed into a entrepreneurial opportunity for them whereby they are re-sold in markets and within their own personal networks. Mhani Gingi and these women in their personal capacities, purchase the items at significantly reduced prices, allowing them to be resold for a profit. 

Why don't I just donate the items?
Our charities greatly appreciate any donations! What we find however is that donations are not always consistent enough to contribute to a sustainable business for these women, and many items still hold value for our consignors. We set a small price for the items that aren't saleable on the website, due to small blemishes, too much wear, or low value, and both our consignors and entrepreneurial network benefit!

What items can I sell?
We currently accept sizes up to 8 years, and have expanded our range to include shoes and accessories. If you're uncertain whether we can sell it, just ask! We'll soon be launching maternity wear as well, so watch this space.

How much money will I make?
We set the price for your items based on brand, condition, season and demand. The best way to determine how much money you will make is to look at the selling prices of similar items in our store. Prices will be adjusted if the item is not selling at the initial price e.g. an end of season sale, but we will always try to get the best possible prices for you. On average, a consignor's full box of quality clothing will earn R1500.

What are your costs?
Our commission is 45% of the selling price of each item sold. We charge R50 per box for sending your items to us via courier, or a R50 flat fee for collection by us, if we are able to. There is no charge for items dropped off by you. No costs are payable upfront; we deduct them from your future sales.If you wish unsold items to be returned, there is a R75 fee per box courier fee, which we will invoice you for.  We charge you nothing if you wish us to donate any of your items to charity.

How do you keep track of my items and how will I know what's been sold?
When your items arrive at Once More they will be allocated a code unique to each consignor, and processed and listed on the website or in our EN network. This typically takes about a week, if not sooner, depending on our current demand. Sales and inventory are tracked electronically through our E-commerce platform Shopify.
Inventory statements (a list of all your consigned items) will be sent in the month following the receipt of your consignment. Payments are made in the month following sales (the selling price less our commission and any fees due), and sales statements will be sent shortly thereafter.

Where can I drop off my box of clothes?
We use a service called Pargo to facilitate this delivery service. It has over a thousand drop off locations across the country. Use this link to find your closest point. If you are in Cape Town and wish to drop off your items yourself, please contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time for drop off at 21 Ambleside, Pinelands.

How many items can I send?
There is no maximum number of items, but if you are making use of the courier service, the size of the box must be no more than 40cm x 40cm x 40cm and weigh no more than 5kg. You may send more than one box, but each will require a separate waybill and be charged for as such.
If your items are being collected by Once More or you are dropping them off yourself, there is no restriction on size or weight and the items may be packaged how you like, so long as they are clean and packaged neatly.

What is a waybill?
Sometimes called a shipping label, this will be emailed to you if you are using the courier drop off service. You will to need to print and attach the waybill to your box of clothes. We will prepay it for you and recoup the cost from future sales.

Please note that the waybill(s) are only valid for 30 days. As this is on our account, you must ensure your parcel is dropped off within the 30 days to avoid further charges.

How long will my items take to sell?
In season items sell quickly and you can expect the majority of items to be sold within 90 days of listing. No guarantees I'm afraid.

When do I get paid?
We make payments to our Consignors in the second week of the month, for all completed sales in the prior month. Payment is made by EFT. You will need to provide your banking details in the Once More Consignment Agreement.

Can I ask for my clothes back?
You may request return of your clothing at any stage 90 days after listing. The cost of return is R75 per box, or you may collect at no charge.