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We've helped over 500 women save space and make over R1,000,000

It's super simple to make money and save space by selling your no longer used kids', women's and maternity clothing and accessories.

  1. select the items you'd like to sell and pack them in a box, making sure you first read our acceptance criteria below
  2. complete the contact form at the bottom of this page or email us on
  3. we'll prepay and arrange for a courier

That's it! When your items sell, we'll send you monthly payments. 


Acceptance Criteria

At Once More quality is very important, and we only accept items that are clean, do not have stains, excessive wear (faded or pilled), holes or tears, and which are odour (which includes mothballs) and pet hair-free. All fasteners (zips, snaps, buttons, ties) must be present and in working order. Clothing and fabric items must be freshly washed, and other items such as toys, books, shoes and accessories, must be thoroughly cleaned and in working order. DVDs must be new or completely scratch free. Toys which require batteries should be tested before sending, but have their batteries removed.

Items that are not inline with this acceptance criteria will be rejected for sale on our website. Depending on your preference, these items may be collected, returned to you, donated, or have their prices significantly reduced and sold through our network of entrepreneurs, operating in townships across Cape Town.


What types of items can I sell? 

  • Kids' clothing, shoes and accessories, including swimwear, headbands or hair accessories, hats and belts.
  • Boys clothing accepted up to age 16 years.
  • Babies' small toys (such as soothers, rattles, hanging toys, teethers and the like)
  • Kids' toys, puzzles, games, books, and DVDs (which must be scratch free.)
  • Women's clothing
  • Women's under-garments and swimsuits you would like to sell must be brand new with tags.
  • Maternity clothing
  • Pregnancy, parenting and motherhood items
  • All items, that satisfy the above category requirements, must measure no more than 50 x 40 x 15 cm

Our minimum pricing threshold for items listed on our website is R50. Items below that value may be bundled into outfits or multi-packs so to exceed this price. If this is not possible, they will be rejected for sale online. 

Unfortunately we DO NOT accept the following at this time:

Items sent which are in the below list will not be eligible for Entrepreneurial Network bundles, and they will be processed for donation to the charities we work with. 

  • The following rejected brands: Ackermans, Jet, Jolly Tots, Little Legend, Little One, Little Rebels, Lollipop, Mother's Choice, Pep (Including sub-brands Cuddlesome and Spiral), Tiptoes, Waga Dude.
  • Larger items such as bouncers, carry cots, prams, children's furniture, large bedding bundles, and large decor items.
  • Breast pumps.
  • Soft toys, aside from small rattles, teethers, hanging toys, soothers and the like.  Unfortunately we cannot store stuffed animal toys.
  • Jewellery
  • Women's Shoes & Accessories (this includes handbags, scarfs, hats, etc)
  • Counterfeit items.
  • Used undergarments. (Women's under garments and swimsuits you would like to sell must be brand new with tags. Children's undergarments must be brand new with tags. However, we will accept used children's swimwear for sale.)
  • Items valued under R50, which are not able to be bundled. 
  • Items which are not in line with current trends and sizing.
  • Homemade clothing items.
  • Items which measure more than 50 x 40 x 15 cm.

If you're unsure whether we can sell it, just drop us an email to ask!

How much will my clothes be sold for?

All prices are determined by Once More, and may be adjusted without notification. We will always try to get the best price for you, but items may be discounted or form part of a sale to ensure they are sold within a reasonable time period. It's best to view existing items on our website to determine the likely price of your items. 

How much money will I make?

On average, our Consignors earn over R2,500 per consignment, but this depends on brand, condition, season and demand of your items.

How much will it cost me?

For each online item sold, we charge a fee of R12.50 plus 45% of the selling price. If an item is included within a sale, our fee is proportionately reduced.

For lower priced items sold through our Entrepreneurial Network, we charge 65% of the selling price. This higher fee empowers our township based entrepreneurs to earn a sustainable profit on the items they sell. 

We charge a R110 courier fee per box received by us. Drop off is free.

If you request your items to be returned, a courier fee will be charged which varies dependent on the volume of items to be returned.

All costs will be subtracted from your monthly sales payment. There are no upfront costs to be paid by you.

How much can I send?

You may send as many items as you want. 

They must be packed into boxes no heavier than 25kg each or larger than 100,000 cm in volume (the height X the width X length in cm must equal to less than 100,000cm). Each box costs R110 to courier which we will prepay for you. If your box is heavier or larger than defined above, you will be charged an additional box fee of R110. Drop off is free.

If your items are being dropped off, or couriered at your arrangement (and cost), there is no restriction on size or weight, but items MUST be in sealed boxes. If you do not have a box, we can provide them at R29/box. 

When do I get paid?

Payments are made on or before the 10th working day of the month, for the preceding month’s sales, by EFT. Payment is made net of fees.


How long will my items take to sell?

In season items sell quickly and you can expect the majority of items to be sold within 90 days of listing. No guarantees though I'm afraid.  


Can I ask for my clothes back?

You may request return of your clothing at any stage 90 days after listing, at your own cost.


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